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Miracles of Cow Service

Go Seva

From the beginnings of civilization, human race has been attaining prosperity, happiness, health, prestige and auspiciousness by serving Gomata. The Shastaras are full of the benefit of cow service. Let us see some benefits of cow service –

 How beneficial is feeding grass to the cows

The good karma that is earned by bathing at pilgrimages, by feeing the Brahmins, by keeping fasts, by doing penance, by engaging in charity, by worshipping the Lord, by circumambulating the entire globe, by studying all the Vedas and by performing all the Yajnas; the intelligent people attain this good karma by just feeding the cow.

 Getting of boons by serving Gomata

Those who serve Gomata with complete devotion, the Gomata gives him a special boon.

Cow service and our wishes coming true

If someone serves Gomata by serving her fodder, giving her water to drink, caressing her with love and looks after the injured ones, gets whatever he wishes including an offspring, money, knowledge, happiness etc. For him nothing is impossible.

The Land becomes pure

The land where a group of cows sit and breathe in an out becomes pure and devoid of any impurities.

Cow Service – the Biggest Pilgrimage

Indra says that all pilgrimages are within the cow. One who respects the cow and bows before her receives good karma equivalent to three days ablutions in all the pilgrimages.

6 things to get along in this world

Lord Vishnu, Ekadashi Fast, the Ganga, Tulsi (Basil plant), Brahmin and the Sacred cow – these six makes one get through this world.


The home which has a cow and its calf is lucky. All its problems end and only good things happen there. And the home which does not even have one cow then how can it hope for good things, and how can it hope that its problems will go away.

Do not do this!

If someone is doing charity for the cow, for the Brahmins and for the sick, and if someone else advises him not to do so then this advisor will become ghost after death.

Cow Worship is Vishnu Worship

Lord Vishnu tells this to Indra that a man who worships the Ashwath tree, his Guru and Gomata is considered to be worshipping all deities, asuras and human beings too. I accept any worship offered by him as something directly offered to me.

Godhuli (the dust kicked up by the hooves of the cow) destroys sin

The dust kicked up by the hooves of Gomata (cow) destroys all sin

 These four are the same

Reading the Bhagwat daily, contemplating on the God daily, watering and taking care of the Tulsi and serving the cow are considered good deeds of equal merit.

Miracles of Cow Service

  • If one has darshan of Gomata, worships, bows down, circumambulate Gomata, caresses her, feeds her or offers her water then he attains many powers (siddhis).
  • One who serves Gomata gets his wishes fulfilled soon.
  • It is believed that all deities, sages, and the river Ganga reside in the body of Gomata, hence serving her means serving all deities.
  • Bowing down to Gomata means attaining all four Purusharthas, namely dharma, artha, kama, Moksha. Hence those who want to remain happy and contented should serve Gomata.
  • The sages tell that cow service is the first and the foremost dharma.
  • If one has darshan of Gomata first thing in the morning then his day becomes auspicious.
  • If one has darshan of Gomata before going on a journey then his journey is auspicious.
  • Wherever cows live, the environment becomes pure. Hence rearing cows is a noble cause.
  • Lord Vishnu also becomes happy with cow service. The devotees of Gomata obtain Heaven easily.
  • Touching Gomata early in the morning after daily ablutions destroys all our sins.

Cow Milk – Nectar on Earth

Cow milk is nectar of earth. There is none other product in the world as nutritious as cow milk. Cow milk is considered complete food. It also destroys diseases. There is no other option to cow milk. It is a divine drink.
Having cow milk in itself is a service of Gomata. It is so because using its milk encourages cow rearing and it also protects the cow indirectly. Everyone can contribute to the protection of the cow by doing at least this.


PanchaGavya is a mixture of cow milk, curd, ghee, cow dung juice and Go Mutra in certain proportions. All sins of man are destroyed by drinking PanchaGavya just like wood is destroyed by fire. There is no disease in the human body which cannot be cured by PanchaGavya. It also destroys subtle and abstract diseases.

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