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According to the Ayurveda, Go-Ark is very effective in controlling cholesterol and reducing fat in the body. It increases the anti-oxidants which increase our immune power and improves our health. It gives strength to the mind as well as takes care of the heart. It repairs and re-enervates the deteriorating tissues and cell membranes and even helps in cell regeneration. Go-Ark helps in reducing obesity, controlling cholesterol in the body, reduces the gall-bladder stone and even helps in joints pain. It gives strength and energy to the body.

Instructions: Mix two spoons Go-Ark with water or honey and take it on empty stomach in the morning, once or twice.

Ghanavati (Tablets made of Go-Mutra – Cow Urine)

According to the Ayurveda, Ghanavati cleans blood and improves the condition of the heart. It also helps to make our digestion better. Ghanavati is helpful in solving mental problems and controlling high-blood pressure.

Instructions: Take two tables twice a day with warm water.

Ingredients: De-hydrated Go Mutra and selected herbs

Go Mutra (filtered Go Mutra)

Go Mutra is considered as a cleansing agent. It is used in purifying work places, homes etc. Apart from this, it is also used in bathing the deities and also in the Yajna.

Instructions: Take a little of Go Mutra in your hand and then sprinkle.

Ingredients: Go Mutra, available in 200 ml bottles.

Angaraag (Soap)

Angaraag is an anti-bacterial soap. It prevents one from leprosy, cirrhosis and other such diseases. There are many benefits of this soap produced from cow excreta. At present Angaraag soap can be very helpful in tackling problems such as pollution, radiation and preventing contagious diseases.

Instructions: For good results apply Angaraag soap on wet skin and cleanse with water.

Ingredients: Cow excreta and selected herbs

Tejaswani (Face Powder)

Tejaswani Face Powder helps in pimples, skin diseases and rashes. It also helps in cases of the wrinkling and creasing of skin, as well as spots on skin and dandruff.

Instructions: Use Tejaswani Face Powder with milk or water and apply it on the face and on the hair.

सामग्रीः मुल्लतानी मिट्टी, गेरू, गाय का गोबर, गाय का रस, नीम के पत्तों का रस, चंदन पाउडर और कपूर एवं अजवाईन का तेल।

Dishwashing Powder

This is an eco-friendly dishwashing powder for your daily needs. It can be used in washing dishes etc. It removes the grease and keeps your hands safe. This powder made from the cow excreta keeps special care of purity.

Instructions: Pour it on the dishes and clean them good with scrub.

Ingredients: Cow excreta and Reetha (Soap Nut)

Shishu Rakshak (Tonic for Children)

This tonic is complete with every mineral necessary for the development of the child. It helps in common cold, vomiting, diarrhea, loose motion (particularly due to milk products), stomach parasites etc. It increases the immune power of the child. This tonic is also helpful in tooth ache, mental weakness and other common ailments in children.

Instructions: 1 spoonful daily for children below one year of age and 2 spoonfuls daily for children older than that.

Ingredients: Go Mutra, crystallized sugar, lemon juice and selected herbs.


According to the Ayurveda, Pachanamrut is helpful in the cure of constipation, gas, indigestion, ulcers and other stomach ailments as well as in acidity, piles, impatience, insomnia, high blood pressure, loss of appetite, headache and stomach parasites. Pachanamrut also lessens the effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It also helps cleansing the blood of the poisonous elements.

Instructions: Take one spoonful of Panchanmrut with water and take it after lunch and dinner.

Dant Manjanam

Ayurveda says that Dant Manjanam prevents the decay of the teeth and the gums and makes them strong, preventing them from infection. It is also helpful in tooth ache and the swelling in the gums. It cleans the mouth also keeps the breath fresh.

Instructions: Take a little of Dant Manjanam on your finger or your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it at least twice daily.

Ingredients: Ash of the cow excreta, five times of salts, camphor, mint, clove, trifala, neem, eucalyptus and utareni.

Angarakshak Powder

Angarakshak Powder is an anti-bacterial powder which protects the skin from leprosy, cirrhosis and other such diseases. There are many benefits of this powder made of cow dung. . At present Angarakshak Powder can be very helpful in tackling problems such as pollution, radiation and preventing contagious diseases. This powder is an Ayurvedic product and there is no chemical ingredient in it. It is made out of the fresh herbs of Vrindavan.

Instructions: While bathing, take some powder in your hands and mixing it with water apply it on the body and then wash with water.

Ingredients: Multani Mitti, Cow dung, Go Mutra, juice of neem leaves, sandal powder, camphor, thyme oil, chickpea powder, turmeric powder and yellow mustard.

Pure Dhoop

Pure Dhoop is used for purifying the atmosphere. Its use calms the mind and builds an atmospheric harmony.

Ingredients: Cow dung and selected herbs

Cow Dung Cakes

These Cow Dung Cakes are used in the Yajna and other religious rituals. Burning them makes the environment pure. Burning cow dung cakes and ghee produces oxygen in abundance.

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