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Shri Krishna Goshala was inaugurated by Sultanpur Dabas on 15th August 1995 on the day of Janmashtami by the then Development Minister (Delhi Government), Sahib Singh Verma. This Goshala was opened in an area of 177 acres of land given by the Delhi Government. For running the Goshala, an administrative committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Late Surajbhaan Gupta. The biggest problem for the committee was to solve the drinking water problem of the cows. Minister Chhaganlal Gupta did many efforts for that and with the help of Shri Sahib Singh Verma he brought the water from a canal from Haryana. The committee collects money for the Goshala and works for the benefit of Gomata. New covered sheds are always being built for the cows.

Many great personalities of the country like Saint Gyananand Ji Maharaj, Swami Ramdev Ji, Sadhvi Hritambhara Ji, Saint Shat Sharananand Ji Maharaj have been visiting the Goshala while providing valuable guidance. By 2006 there were 15 sheds and 3 fodder Godowns in the Goshala. After 2006 the Goshala was on a fast track of development. Under the leadership of Shri Agrawal, the modernization of the Goshala began. The construction of a huge Tuda Godown with a capacity of 25 thousand quintals began.

A program was made to build sheds based on the new pattern. As the cows were increasing, work was begun on a pond for the cows to drink water from. A boundary wall was made around the entire precincts; barbed wire was put on it so that the dogs cannot come inside the Goshala. The Goshala has its own Dharmakaanta (the balance to weigh heavy things, usually food products). Food for all the devotees is made on the biogas plant installed here. The Goshala kept progressing and now it has the capacity of housing 6500 cows in 35 covered and 40 open sheds. There is also a park, a Yajna Mandapa, a gathering hall, a godown for keeping 45000 quintal fodder, 5 store rooms, a guest house, 3 offices and a mess.

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