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Scientific Importance of Cow

  • Cow is the only creature on earth, which takes in oxygen and also releases oxygen.
  • Gau Mutra (cow urine) contains potassium, sodium, nitrogen, phosphate, urea and uric acid.
  • While giving milk, the lactose in cow milk increases which is good for heart diseases.
  • Burning cow dung cakes kill insects, mosquitoes and bad smell.
  • Drinking Gau Mutra on empty stomach in the morning cures cancer.
  • Cow dung contains vitamin B-12 in profusion. It even absorbs radioactive rays.
  • Caressing Gau mata daily for 15 to 20 minutes can cure blood pressure.
  • The sattvik waves emanating from the cow cleanse the surroundings of every impurity.
  • The body of the cow emanates the fragrance of benzoin (guggal) naturally.
  • The mowing of the cows and their calves cure one of mental imbalances and destroys other diseases.
  • All of these facts have been corroborated by the German scientist Dr. Julishus and Dr. Book.
  • American scientist James Martin mixed cow dung and ocean foam and created a chemical which makes fallow land fertile. Which even makes a dry oil well full of oil again.

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